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2007 Wake Edition Seadoo.

Red and white with 215 horse power supercharged engine will no doubt get all riders flying high above the water! 23m hose length. FlyBoard Pro Series.

2007 RPX Supercharged IC.

Sleek look and packing 215 Hp supercharged engine our bombardier Seadoo can handle any job! 18m hose length. FlyBoard Legend.

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Find A Way FlyBoarding in Turkey Point is the best new water sport available in South Western Ontario. Everyone learns to fly their first time out. Each operator will provide the client with a safe, supervised and exciting experience. Ages 12+

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Want to share your experience with all your friends and family? Wear a helmet cam to capture your entire flight! We will provide you with your video so you can share your flight on Facebook or YouTube. 

Standard Flight Rates

Find A Way Flyboarding in Turkey Point Ontario 

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We Can Accommodate almost any Special Occasion. Contact us for group rates, longer rentals times and on location visits! Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties



$129 for a 30 Minute Flight (limited to 1 person) 
$59 to add a GoPro Camera Take Home Video

FlyBoard the Worldwide Hydro Sport Phenomena is here in picturesque Turkey Point! Be the first to experience the FlyBoard on Lake Erie, Ontario, Canada! Just like the rest of the world has been blown away by the this fun, exciting, and extremely futuristic device. We at Find A Way FlyBoarding Turkey Point are thrilled to be offering a new perspective on the water such as; swimming like a dolphin or flying like a superhero! The FlyBoard has opened the world’s eyes to endless technological possibilities. Once you see it you will be hooked, once you try it you will love it for life! Easy learning curve for anyone to handle, everyone flies their first time. It will blow your expectations out of the water!​ See you at the beach!